1. The organizer is committed to protecting and respecting User Privacy.
  1. This Privacy Policy applies to Users, so that the User hereby acknowledges that the User has read and agrees with the terms of this Privacy Policy
  1. The platform is a service site owned by Organizers engaged in information technology-based money-lending services, with the domain name or as changed from time to time by the Operator.
  1. Personal Data is personal data that is stored, maintained, and maintained by truth and protected from the confidentiality required by the Operator to be collected and managed in the service of lending and borrowing on the Platform.
  1. The Privacy Policy is designed to help Users understand how the Operator collects, uses, discloses and / or processes the Personal Data that the User has provided to the Operator, as well as assists the User in making informed decisions before giving the Personal Data to the Operator.
  1. Read the following carefully to understand how the Operator operates in connection with the Users Personal Data.

Information that the Organizer Collect About Users

  1. From time to time, the Organizer can collect information about the User in order to assist the Operator in improving the quality of the Platform, the Organizer can collect:
  1. Data about Users includes information and data provided by Users or by anyone who obtains permission from Users and from other third parties permitted by Users and publicly available sources including government institutions or bureaus / credit rating agencies
  1. User information and data about family members, relatives, friends, beneficiaries, attorneys, shareholders, benefit owners, attorneys, trustees, guarantor, other guarantee providers and / or other individuals.
  1. Personal Data that can identify Users or other parties that have relevance to Users, including but not limited to name, place and date of birth, ID card, passport, address, e-mail address, telephone / cellphone number, contact details, financial and credit card information, personal descriptions and photos, transaction patterns and behavior, financial background, active bank account,funding history, and / or educational background and population data ("User Information").
  1. Details of download notes to help find problems Users based on input (feedback) Users, such as downloads that are slow or fail in downloading.
  1. Information about Users mobile devices to help Organizers to better adapt to different mobile devices, which include mobile device models, resolution and memory storage
  1. Information related to the Platform and / or other applications used by Users to recommend personalized Platform content for Users.
  1. Information and data from cookies or other technologies used on the Platform.

How Organizers Use User Information

  1. The Organizer use User Information for the following purposes:
  1. To provide services within the Platform to Users.
  1. To understand how Users use the Platform (including the most frequently used features), to improve the service and performance of the Operator.
  1. If the user wants opt in, to send instant notifications (push notifications).
  1. To fulfill applicable domestic and foreign legal, regulatory and compliance requirements for the Operator (including anti money laundering and tax obligations applicable to the Operator and disclosure on every stock exchange, court, government authority, supervisory authority or any other regulator according to guidelines, regulations, orders, instructions or relevant requests from these organizations) and comply with every applicable international agreement or agreement with or between a foreign and domestic government that applies to the Operator.
  1. To check the identity and / or authority of the power of the User who contacts the Operator or is contacted by Peyelola, and to carry out or respond to requests, questions or instructions from the power of the User who has been examined or other parties in accordance with the Operator's security procedures
  1. To carry out risk assessment, statistical analysis and planning and trends, including carrying out data processing, statistical analysis, credit, risk and anti money laundering, creating and managing credit assessment models, conducting credit checks and reviews and other backgrounds, and storing User credit history and authorized users for current and future reference.
  1. To detect, prevent, investigate and prosecute crimes and fraud including assisting in every investigation of a crime by an authority relevant to the User, the relevant individual or other person.
  1. To carry out or defend the rights of the Operator, which originates from the contract or otherwise.
  1. To market products or platforms or related to loans through various communication models including letter, telephone, SMS, fax, e-mail, internet, market research, and designing or filtering similar products or platforms including by conducting market research, data analysis, and surveys.
  1. To collect, use, disclose or process User Personal Data in connection with lending and borrowing services on the Platform.

Sharing User Information

  1. Organizers can share User Information, including information that the Operator collects directly from Users, information that the Operator collects about Users from third parties, and information that the Operator collects automatically, for the following purposes and with the following persons / entities:
  1. Service Provider: such as an entity that assists the Operator with consultation, marketing, information technology, analysis of platform usage, and other services that the Operator uses in the operation of the Operator.
  1. For Provider business partner Banks: The Operator can share User information with the Banks business partner to support the activities of the Operator and help carry out the Know Your Customer principle by the Banks business partner Provider.
  1. For law enforcement, government representatives or other parties where required by law.
  1. When the Operator believes that this is necessary to protect the rights, property, security of the Operator or to comply with legal procedures, court orders or legal processes, or as evidence in litigation where the Operator is involved.
  1. The Operator can also provide information about the number of users of the Operator with third parties, including for various marketing purposes.
  1. To protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Operator, such as to seek, prevent and / or deal with fraud or problems related to security.
  1. Business partners, suppliers and sub-contractors for the implementation of each contract that the Operator holds with them or with the User.
  1. Advertisers and ad networks that require data about the number of service users on the Platform.
  1. Analysis provider and search engine that helps Organizers in improving and optimizing Operator services on the Platform.
  1. Prospective seller or business buyer or asset if the Operator sells or buys any asset, in this case the Operator may transfer the Users Personal Data to the buyer or seller as part of the transaction.
  1. Financial institutions, agents, or other parties involved in money transfer transactions or any banking / financial activities.
  1. The Operator informs that the User's personal data can be sent (transferred) to a location outside the area where the User accesses Platform services or is notified to the relevant company, license holder, and / or business partner Bank for the purposes described above


  1. The Operator seeks to ensure at any time that the User's Personal Data will be protected against unauthorized or accidental access, processing, repair (correction) or deletion. The Operator applies appropriate security measures to safeguard and safeguard User's personal data. The Organizer encourages Users to take steps to protect User's Personal Data
  1. Users are responsible for maintaining information privacy and confidentiality. Please make yourself an informed User when accessing the internet and to always read and review policy / privacy statements on sites that Users access. Please ensure that the User does the following: (i) not to disclose the user's password, (ii) not to provide any personal information to anyone, including the User's name, (iii) not to fill out an online form without prior permission from The user. Please use complex passwords with fairly long combinations that contain letters and numbers that require unusual combinations on the keyboard (keyboard); because simple passwords are easy to solve. Please do not give a User password to anyone online. In any case, please change the User password periodically

Intellectual property rights

  1. All text, data, images, graphics, audio and / or video information and other materials on the Platform are the property of the Organizer and are protected by copyright, trademark and / or other regulations regarding intellectual property rights. Nothing in this policy can be interpreted as granting licenses of any intellectual property rights or similar matters from the Operator to the User. Users are prohibited from copying, displaying, downloading, modifying, reproducing, or making derivative works from the components of the Platform, whether directly or indirectly published, carried out, rewritten or republished, or used in other ways for commercial purposes without written consent from the Operator.

User Agreement

  1. When the User submits User Information, it will be considered as the User's approval for the collection, storage, use and / or disclosure of information by the Operator. The Operator may use this information to improve the Operator's services on the Platform
  1. The User agrees that the User has obtained the consent of all individuals whose Personal Data is included on the Platform so that any such information or Personal Data can be processed, stored, transferred or disclosed in and to any country as deemed necessary by the Operator in accordance with applicable law . The Personal Data can also be processed, stored, transferred or disclosed in accordance with the law and practice, local rules and regulations (including any requests based on government regulations, actions and orders) in these countries / jurisdictions.
  1. The user agrees that the Operator may change and modify the provisions of this Privacy Policy from time to time and access / use or continuation of User access / use of the Platform after the change must also be considered as acceptance and approval of the User for these changes.
  1. The user agrees that if the User does not provide User information or Information or withdraw consent in connection with the collection, use and / or disclosure of relevant information or data as described in the Privacy Policy, the Operator has the opportunity not to: (i) open or continue a User account; (ii) make or provide or continue any services that are on the Platform; and / or (iii) continue to allow Users to use or access services on the Platform. The Operator will notify the User of the consequences of withdrawing the agreement in case the User notifies the Operator of the User's desire to withdraw the User's consent.


  1. This Privacy Policy is made in English and Indonesian and in the event of a discrepancy between the English version and the Indonesian language version, the Indonesian language version shall prevail and take precedence.

Questions and Suggestions

  1. If the User has questions or suggestions, please contact our customer care at [email protected] or contact us at (+62) 21-23584689 or easily fill out our message form on the "Contact Us" page.

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